Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday: Ultrasound

I went to mammogram clinic (Dr Seider, Donald Gordon Hospital, JHB, South Africa) this morning as I have new lumps in my right breast, near where the DCIS was removed. I didn’t know if this is scar tissue or more cancer.

The ultrasound shows my whole right breast has abnormal tissue, and Dr Seider thinks the lumps could be cancerous. He could not say whether or not they are non-invasive or invasive by using ultrasound.

He checked my sentinel lymph node (main lymph node in axilla (under arm, into which all the other lymph nodes in the arm drain) using ultrasound. He said he is willing to take a bet that it is clear – he is about 97% sure! I am holding the thought and vision that it is 100% clear and healthy!

I am having radioactive dye injected tomorrow/Tuesday/18.11.08.

I am having the sentinel lymph node removed by Dr Carol Benn on Wednesday/19.11.08 to ensure it is clear.

If this lymph node is not clear, it could mean that invasive cancer was not spotted and has spread to the rest of the body. It would mean chemotherapy. It will be clear!!!!

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