Thursday, November 27, 2008


The carcinoma in the breast duct that was removed from my right breast was estrogen-sensitive. This means that high levels of estrogen in my system stimulated the growth of the tumour cells.

I started asking myself:

* Where did this estrogen come from?
* How do I reduce or normalize my estrogen levels?

I have decide to include my estrogen history because I have had so many people say to me:
• But you have no breast cancer in your family
• But you are so young.
• But you look so healthy
• But you eat so well
• But you eat such a good diet (mostly raw vegan)
• But you don’t drink alcohol
• But you are active

What I have written below is my estrogen history. It contains events that, until now, I have not discussed with many people.

Not to long ago, people would take offence at being asked whom they were going to vote for. These days, people openly discuss their emotional and psychological wounds with each other just after they have met. Caroline Myss would call this ‘speaking your wounds’ or ‘woundology’.

By listing these events, I am speaking my wounds but it is not my intention to keep them alive by telling you. I am instead loving, forgiving and releasing them. I want to turn them into a positive by hopefully helping others.

I have moved beyond these wounds. I have this energy back in my present tense. I feel liberated writing these events down. I have a wonderful sense of freedom from the shame and judgment society associates with them.

I know that more women have had abortions than will admit. I am writing this in the hope that my story will encourage more women to openly discuss their reproductive histories, as well as become aware of the various factors that increase the risk of breast cancer.

When I meet someone who has an illness, I always want to understand how they got to that point. Their history is carried in their cell tissue (Myss: ‘Your biology carries your biography’). More about my mental and emotional history in a future blog.

Let me take you back in time as to how I think the breast cancer was created:

12/13 I started menstruating - the younger you start menstruating, the longer you will be exposed to estrogen for.

19 I went on the contraceptive injection. I was studying away from home and I had freedom for the first time! I loved the idea that there was a free medication that would suppress my menstrual cycle so I did not have to have periods! I was only on the injection for one year because I realized it was not that good for my body. I then switched to the contraceptive pill.

21 I started going to raves and probably took recreational drugs every weekend for about 3-4 years. I also drank quite heavily for a good part of my 20’s

23 I had an abortion. It was the correct decision at the time and I had few regrets about it. Having an abortion increases one’s risk of getting breast cancer by 30%! If only I had known this then but, like everyone in the their 20’s (with exception of my mom!), I thought I was invincible!

24 I went back on the contraceptive pill on and off because I did not want to be on synthetic hormones but there were not other safe options.

27 I had another abortion and then went back on the pill until 31. Again, it was the correct decision at the time, and I had few regrets. Having another abortion increased my risk of breast cancer by another 30%!

31 I fell pregnant with Grace. I breastfed her for 14 months which was a good thing for my breast ducts.

33 I fell pregnant with Lily and breastfed her for 14 months. We renovated our house thru out this pregnancy which was very stressful.


A woman’s ovaries produce active estrogen. Active estrogen causes breast cells to divide. Excess active estrogen is converted to inactive estrogen in the liver and is excreted.

But some of this active estrogen is converted into long-acting estrogen which continues to stimulate breast cells to divide. Some women’s bodies produce higher levels of long-acting estrogen which goes on stimulating breast cells to divide. This increases the risk of breast cancer by exposing breast cells to estrogen for an abnormally prolonged period of time.

If a pregnancy ends before 32 weeks, by very premature birth or induced abortion, she will have increased risk of breast cancer as she will not get the benefit of full breast maturation, but instead be left with more places for breast cancer to start. Spontaneous abortions in the first trimester do not increase breast cancer risk because they are associated with low estrogen levels.

If the liver function is impaired (eg. Thru use of alcohol, drugs or illness like hepatitis etc), the liver does not break estrogen down properly and estrogen levels start to rise in the blood stream resulting in stimulation of breast tissue growth.

For more breast cancer risk factors, see:

The fact that I am female (therefore I have more estrogen circulating in my body to start with)
+ my synthetic hormone exposure from contraceptives (results in increased estrogen exposure)
2 x induced abortions (leaves increased number of immature breast lobules & increases estrogen exposure. Also going back on the pill after both abortions increased estrogen exposure)
+ my alcohol history
+ my drug history (result in increased estrogen exposure due to impaired liver functioning)
+ my mainstream diet until 30 (result in increased estrogen exposure from meat, dairy, etc)
+ my environmental toxin exposure (result in increased estrogen exposure from plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, etc which contains pseudo-estrogens)
+ my sharp increase in stress from 29-34
+ the fact that I had my first child after 30 yrs old (results in increased estrogen exposure)
benign proliferative breast tissue (result of high estrogen exposure)
my unresolved emotional & psychological wounds (we all have are them - they are necessary for life and growth but they need to be dealt with to avoid disease in the physical body)
+ the fact that I agreed with my angel of necessity before I was born that I needed to learn about my heart chakra (energy zone in the heart area = love and forgiveness)
= higher risk of getting breast cancer.

More about my diet until 30 and my heart chakra lessons in future blogs.

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Wow - that is fascinating. That's the best reason I have heard for breastfeeding your baby as long as possible.