Friday, December 5, 2008


It has been a week now since I started the nutritional supplements and Chinese herbal medicines indicated for breast cancer.

I woke up today with a skin rash. It is all over my body, very itchy, red, and burning. My throat feels very itchy and slightly swollen. I have taken the homeopathic Pegasus histamine complex to treat it.

I felt very irritable and tense, with a burning sensation in my chest area for 3 days before the skin rash started which makes me think the rash is the releasing of heat out of my body. A skin rash/condition can mean the body id moving the imbalance from an important organ or place in the body to a less important organ like the skin. In alternative medicine, this is mostly seen as a good sign.

I am not sure whether the Chinese herbal medicines are releasing heat from my body as the Chinese herbal medicines release liver stagnation (the aim is to establish flow again in liver energy so my liver can excrete estrogen from my body) or whether I am just having an allergic reaction to the herbs. I have stopped taking the herbs until Monday when I will talk to the medicine company.

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