Saturday, December 6, 2008


I got the results of the core needle biopsy that was done on Tuesday 2.12.08 back today.

The biopsy results show the lumps in my right breast tissue are in fact more DCIS and not scar tissue.

The photo on the right shows a breast duct that has been cut in half. You can see that cells have grown into the centre lumen (centre hole) of the duct.

I requested that a 3rd biopsy be done randomly at the bottom of my breast. This biopsy shows the tissue there is clear of any type of cancer.

There could, however, be non-invasive cancer in a breast duct right next to the 3rd biopsy area or there could be an invasive cancer area right next to the clear area as well. Only once the Dr Benn has all my right breast tissue out of my body and analysed, will she know for sure.

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