Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I went for a needle biopsy today. The results from this biopsy will not change the breast surgeon, Dr Carol Benn’s recommendation for a single or double mastectomy.

A needle biopsy should have been done before the breast duct was removed but it was not done mainly because I got involved in the process and demanded the duct be removed by a plastic surgeon so I did not have a scar.

New lumps in my right breast appeared after the breast duct was removed and this needle biopsy is to see whether they are scar tissue or cancer.

Because the tissue in my right breast shows up as hyperplastic (atypical but not yet cancerous) on ultrasound, I asked the mammographer to do a biopsy in 2 other random places in my breast, in addition to the lumpy area.

First, Dr Seider (mammographer) injected local anesthic into my right breast tissue. This burned a little as it went it. It doesn’t help that I don’t like needles! I just kept my eyes closed and looked the other way. I breathed in white light, and breathed out blackness and the burning sensation.

Secondly, to do the core needle biopsy, Dr Seider inserted a very big needle on a trigger device (see pic). The trigger function was like that of a finger pricking device. There was not pain even though the needle was enormous but the ‘click’ sound made me jump each time.

Glenn was by my side as always. As you can see, he is not looking happy. He has been so supportive and wonderful through this process. Our hearts goes out to women who have to go through this on their own (and the waiting rooms are full of them). It cannot be easy.

The needle removed a sample of tissue to be biopsied. I will have the results on Saturday when I see Dr Carol Benn again.

Carol is away from 10-28.12.08 so no surgery can happen between those dates. The soonest she can operate again is 5.1.09.

I feel emotionally and mentally well and strong. I still believe my spirit is bigger and stronger than my physical body. I know I may still have to set the date to have the mastectomy/ies done in January, but I will cross that bridge when I get there. The operation still gives me the shivers because I think it is so barbaric.

I bought Dr Weil’s book called ‘Spontaneous Healing” today. I have only had a chance to glance through it because it is school holidays, but discussion points in the book include:

Does healing mean complete disappearance of disease on a physical level?
• Is it possible to die in a healed condition?
• What is the relationship between treatment and healing?
• If I want to pursue healing, should I forgo treatment?
• How do I know when treatment is appropriate?
• If I fail to get better, is it my fault?
• Is the spontaneous remission of cancer the best example of the healing system?
• Is it possible to enhance the healing system to protect health?

I am about to read Dr Weil’s comments on these questions……


Anonymous said...

Sending you prayers and support from Texas, USA! Thank you for sharing your pictures and helping educate others as you educate yourself. :)

Angela (momsraw.com)

tam said...

Heidi I've just caught up with all your latest posts. I am so impressed with the way you are approaching this. Sending loving healing wishes to you and Glenn and the girls.