Wednesday, December 24, 2008


On 21.12.08, I left South Africa for Munich, Germany.

My mission: to get an alternative opinion to my breast surgeon’s from a top German professor who specializes in breasts, Professor Marion Kiechle, as well as see someone who is famed as ‘Europe’s leading alternative cancer treatment specialist’: Lothar Heirnsie.

I saw Lothar Hiernsie first. He has a cancer treatment clinic on the outskirts of Suttagart, Germany ( I have an outline of what the clinic does in English if you would like to read it - just as on:

Lothar has studied many cases of the people who beat cancer, taken the common denominators and turned them into a cancer treatment program.

Although I had so many questions, I only had one hour with him. I have emailed my further questions to him and await his response.

Lothar looked at my biopsy results and said he never gets to see stage 0, non-invasive! His opinion was that my healing would be relatively easy.

Lothar told me about the Budwig diet (more on this diet later. I gather he studied under Dr Budwig in some way from photos online of them together), which supplements to take, to bath in soda bicarb at least 4 times per week to release acid from my tissues (as cancer thrives in acidic anaerobic body tissues), to do 2 coffee enemas per day, and do energy work/get to the source of the cancer.

Lothar said the energy work was the most important. Even the people who have not eaten the diet or taken the supplements, but who have done the energy work, have cured themselves.

I left Lothar feeling very positive and optimistic that curing without surgery would be easy.
Lothar Hirneise Land: 00 49 7151 910 220 / 222 Cell: 00 49 7151 9813-203 Im Salenhäule 10, 73630 Remshalden-Buoch

My aim was to try and implement what Lothar advocated when I got back home to South Africa.

I caught a plane back to Munich that same afternoon. On the way to my hotel, the taxi driver took a road alongside the Munich Christmas Market. The townsquare was packed with people, all dressed up warmly, drinking gluwein and eating stollen (German Christmas cake).

There were twinkling Christmas lights everywhere and German Christmas carols playing from somewhere. I rolled the car window down and inhaled the smell I associated with Christmas from childhood. It was the smell of lebkuchen (German spice cookies) and stollen that were sent each year from my dad’s family in Germany.

The atmosphere was so special! Just two nights to go until Christmas! Even though I was so tired, I checked in at my hotel and went back to the market place to take photos and film some video.

I went back there the next day for some shopping. I enjoyed a piece of stollen and a cup of gluwein (although I know this is not on the cancer regime!). The food at a German Japanese just off the market restaurant was the most live and whole I could find at the market. I so wished Glenn had been there to share it with me.

The next day, I saw Professor Marion Kiechle in Munich, Germany. She told me the same as Dr Carol Benn, South Africa - I needed to have a mastectomy. I told her I was hoping she would have said something more conservative, alternative, or just different to Carol Benn, but she just shook her head and said ‘No’.

Professor Marion Kiechle Interdisziplinarisches Brustzentrum rechts der Isar (Interdisciplinary Breast Center) Tel: +49.89.4140-2420 (secretary Mrs.Maier) Fax: +49.89.41404831 email: Ismaningerstr. 22, 81675 München They have a so called mamma board, which combines and consults the experts of 7 disciplines.

I left her office almost in tears. I wanted to be home that instant, in Glenn’s arms, but I now had to start the long trek back to South Africa.

I arrived back in South Africa on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, not having slept much on the plane again. Everyone was preparing Christmas dinner (we celebrate the German way – the night before Christmas). They welcomed me in. I had lots, and so little, to tell.

Glenn projected my video footage of the Munich Christmas Market on wall, and we sat down to open presents and enjoy a Christmas feast!


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