Friday, November 21, 2008


I remember the moment I received the diagnosis of DCIS breast cancer, stage 0. As the Dr said words, the feeling I had inside besides shock, was a knowing that I needed to go inside myself. In that moment, I knew that no one could help me heal but myself. I was just not sure whether the doctors would allow me enough time to dabble in mind-body medicine.

While I knew only I could fix the issue/s that had caused the breast cancer, I wanted to run to any healer who would promise me that they could heal me. I thought ‘Oh well, I’ll fly to the Philippines so a faith healer can stick their fingers into my flesh and rip the cancer out!’ I told this much to the plastic surgeon and his eyes just glazed over!

A little voice inside me had been saying for the last 10 or more months:
‘STOP! Listen to me! Be still’.
In Christian teachings, this would be:
‘Be still and know that I am God’.

I had ignored this voice and kept putting off sitting still with myself. I busied myself with things that I thought mattered but in actual fact, they did not. Being a mom of 2 small kids, preparing for a renovation starting in January, running a busy household, being a wife to Glenn, and trying to write a book, is a lot to keep myself busy with.

I have read Caroline Myss’s (medical intuitive & teacher of spiritual truths from all religions) material for the last 7 years, and it is now time to put this all into action in a meaningful way.

I have started praying or talking more actively with God. I don’t follow Christianity or other religion but rather believe in the truths form all these religions. I believe in God/ the source/ whatever you choose to call it.

I have started getting up early each morning, something I have romantised doing since the kids were born but have just never managed to do because they are usually up before me! They now hang on the security gate at the top of the stairs while I have quiet time, and scream ‘We’re hungry!! Feed us!!” I ignore this and call for Glenn to put a movie on for them until we can all eat breakfast together.

On suggestion from a friend, I bought a bag of runes (stones through which God can give me guidance). They come with a book that explains what the rune you have picked means. I try to only pick 1 rune per day unless I need further guidance. I was reluctant at first, but they have been spot on so far.

More about the process of my internal work in the next post.