Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I went to see Dr Craig Golding today. I came away with a good feeling about the process he proposed. It seems the most rock solid way of measuring my monthly progress from taking all the natural medicine, as well as tackling certain imbalances I may have.

Craig works with preventative and anti-ageing medicine. Think beyond wrinkles on a person’s face….if your body ages internally, there’s a high chance of you getting various illnesses. If we become depleted in vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes etc, and body’s metabolism becomes imbalanced, dis-ease can take hold. Potatoes can’t grow on rocks!

Stress, diet, environmental toxins, we ingest involuntarily and voluntarily, beliefs and traumas can cause imbalances in our bodies. If these are corrected, the body should be able to heal itself.

Craig starts by measuring blood levels of most of the hormones, as well as certain vitamin and mineral levels. He then prescribes bio-identical hormones, vitamins, minerals and active ingredients from a natural source (fruit, vegetable, plant, etc) in the form of a tablet to correct these imbalances.

The blood tests are fasting tests (I need to have blood drawn first thing in the morning after not having eaten from 10pm the night before). It is best to do the tests around ovulation, which is 2 weeks from now. Certain tests, the most important being how my liver is breaking down estrogen, needs to be sent overseas so I will only have the results in 4-6 weeks. Natural treatment would only start after this. This is unfortunate because surgery is scheduled before the results come back.

The date to have the surgery is just a date, largely based on the fact the surgeon is now back from holiday and has seen all the people who were already booked in 1. 2009. What if I was to push the date out slightly? Would the cancer go invasive in this time? Would the cancer metastasize as a result of the surgery and go invasive anyway? Would the natural treatment work absolutely? Would the surgery work absolutely?

My friend Margie called and we spoke about ‘guarantees’. There are none, with either form of medicine. I just keep thinking that it would be a shame to loose one or both my breasts for a cancer that is non-invasive at this point when an effective natural therapy could around the corner. EEEERRRRR!!! HUMAN LIFE!!!

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MJ said...

Hi ,
I will always be thanful to dr Golding for introducing me to bio identical hormones. Heidi, do yourself a favour and read DR Johanna Budwig`s book on curing cancer. You can download the program on internet free of charge.Good luck,