Sunday, January 11, 2009


After seeing Jimmy (NLP) on 7.1.09, I still had a small voice inside me saying ‘Don’t have the surgery - you can heal yourself completely without it’. But as with any energy or source healing, it can take a few days to integrate.

I still felt tension in my head this morning from thinking about what my next step would be; alternative medicine only / surgery and then continue the alternative medicine?

After seeing Jimmy, I asked the universe/God/my observer to please send me someone who could help with this decision. This afternoon, I picked up Caroline Myss’s ( book: ‘WHY PEOPLE DON’T HEAL AND HOW THEY CAN’. I opened it on the page where she gives her opinion about complimentary and conventional therapies!

Myss’s stance, like Dr Weil, is to incorporate all the therapies that will help you heal. Healing should be your first priority. Remove the immediate danger while you figure out how to retrieve your energy from the thing causing your energy to be somewhere other than in your body. Even if you refuse the surgery/conventional therapy, you may not have enough energy in your body for the complimentary/alternative therapies to work.

Myss recommends the following visulalistion:
Imagine you are at the centre of large wheel. Each spoke of the wheel is a different therapy that is helping you to heal. You can stand back and choose the one you want, and when. They all support your healing. Start to spin that wheel quite quickly so that it generates a wind with you at the epicentre. Here, you are alive, feel calm (like at the centre of a tornado), and are fully healed.

At the centre of my wheel, I feel and look like I did when Jimmy asked me to walk 5 years into the future. I have all my energy in me. I am alive, well, and healed completely. I have the biggest smile on my face and keep saying my words of victory ‘I did it!!”. I have myself, my husband and my 2 beautiful daughters with me. I am alive and healed to be with them.

I burst into tears; tears of gratitude and joy that my question had been answered. Even though it was not my ideal answer, being alive is.

It feels good to feel so good!

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Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

To have the best possible result with any therapy it would be best to Heal or remove the original disturbance to your Human Life Energy Fields that was the cause of your ill health.

Once this is done your natural created ability to heal your self begins. If the physical damage is great surgery or other treatments maybe advisable.

With Love for I Love You
Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
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