Monday, January 12, 2009


I woke up this morning with still feeling calm after the decision I made yesterday to have the mastectomy. But making this decision did not stop me praying that a person or thing that could help me heal so I would not need to have the surgery, would not fall from the sky between now and then!

Firstly, I called Dr Carol Benn’s office and asked them to schedule my mastectomy for the first week of February. They will get back to me with a date.

I had asked a friend on Friday whether she knew of anyone who treated cancer naturally. She called this morning saying I should call Dr Karalis in Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa (+27 0283 16 29 78 / He is a naturopath who follows the principles of natural hygiene – which is very similar to what Mary-Ann Shearer advocates). He has a clinic adjoining his house that 5 patients can check into at a time. He starts with fasting and then progresses onto raw food. He believes that body is so burnt out, that even digesting food is exhausting.

This friend also gave me the personal email address of Caroline Myss! I said I felt quite rude just emailing her but this friend said Caroline would just delete my message if she did not want to help. She said Caroline is a healer and will help if she can and wants to. So I emailed my mentor who does not know me, asking whether she had come across a person or clinic that treated cancer successfully. I am hoping she will respond!

Then I emailed Mary-Ann Shearer (her company is called: The Natural Way. Mary-Ann is based in Cape Town, SA). She responded immediately saying she was shocked and that there was a breast cancer clinic in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. I called the clinic and was told that in one’s first consultation, a team including a breast surgeon, a radiologist, and an oncologist, is present. They sound very comprehensive and conservative. I will try and get an appointment for next week.

Then I received a call back from Dr Craig Golding’s (+27 11 463-0036, Bryanston, Johannesburg, SA) receptionist who said she had a cancellation appointment tomorrow at 9am to offer me. The only appointment I could get prior to this was for 17.2.09 which was after the date of the surgery. Craig practices preventative and anti-ageing medicines. Craig works by doing blood tests for hormone, vitamin and mineral levels. I am very interested to see what my adrenalin levels are as cancer can be related to burnout. I am hoping he is going to be able to determine whether or what deficiencies I have, as well as, whether any of the natural treatments I am taking are working. Hence why I was so keen to see him before my surgery.

A doctor from the Issels clinic USA ( called tonight. They work with boosting the immune system through diet (mainly organic juices), supplements, and their ‘vaccines’. On arrival at the clinic, the doctors remove some of your blood, prepare their vaccines from it, and it is then injected back into the part of your body with the cancer every 2 weeks thereafter. They also remove some a the clients blood and remove certain white blood cells, double these cells somehow, and then inject them back into you to help fight the cancer cells. Another therapy used is fever therapy, where they induce a fever because then the body produces white blood cells and this helps fight cancer cells.

I still have pain in my left arm and neck. It is really sore and is spreading into my neck. I am hoping it is just muscular.

Glenn (my husband) advised me stop taking everything – flax oil and ground flax seeds, Chinese herbal medicine and all the food supplements until I am under a professional’s care. My body is hypersensitive to most things and maybe I am reacting because I am taking a dose recommended for most people. I feel I could be a lot stronger mentally without the medicines.

And our new au pair started today, so while I was relieved to have the help, I had to take someone through the ropes and was not able to leave her alone with our kids for too long.

I feel quite tired from all the searching but all in all, it was a good day progress wise.

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