Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I saw Dr Angela Lecore again today.

Dr Angela Lecore
B.S (London)
Member of SA Clinical Hypnosis Society
Reg with psychological Society of SA

Tel: +27 11 706 6692

Dr Lecore used a new form of NLP called Psych-K (psych = mind; K = kinesiology) with me today.

I went to Dr Lecore because I wanted her to install the program in my mind that I can heal myself, it is possible for me to heal, I deserve to heal, and that my body knows exactly how to heal itself.

This is part of my aim to get more of my energy into present time by dealing with and releasing issues where my energy got stuck and was left in my past.

We started by trying to uncover the main issue that I felt was associated with the DCIS.

Last week we worked on a few phrases that would help us with today's work:
  • I fully understand all my lessons here (from this gift)
  • I am whole
  • I heal naturally from within
  • I love all the parts of me
  • I continue with my beautiful breasts
  • I am excelling!

Today we focused on installing new beliefs. She used muscle testing to confirm which beliefs my subconscious was running and then which belief statement/s my mind would allow her to install for healing.

I had noticed a burning sensation on my right breast near where the DCIS is. This would come on when I was doing domestic stuff like house or kids. I perceived these activities as boring and mundane. I longed to be writing a raw food book, teaching raw food classes, or just doing what I was passionate about.

I said maybe it was a 'burning issue I needed to get off my chest' so we continued to go deeper into the sensation. The first thing that came to mind was 'I feel worthless'.

Wow! I did not want to say that out loud because that is so aweful. But I put my jugdement of this statment aside as this would not be constructive to the process.

As I allowed myself to say the words out loud, I got the sense that this belief was not mine. I was able to stand back from it. My conscious mind started racing; pulling up at lightning speed all the things that had been attached to this hook through out my life. Wow, so much had!

Then it came to me! This was my dad's belief - he is German and has a German work ethic. He derives self worth laregly from his job and from the outside world. His belief had been installed in my subconcious from a young age. This was totally unintentional on his part.

I felt so grateful to my dad for being the messenger of this valuable lesson. I knew that before I left Dr Lecore's office, I was going to leave this belief behind and walk away with my own. I was weirdly excited!

Just realising the belief connection made me feel instantly distanced from the belief. I had already started to move beyond it but still needed something to fully remove it.

Last year I had questioned external things like the food I ate (Why was I just eating the food I grown up eating?) and the houseproducts I used (was there a more eco/human-friendly range of household products other than the mainstream selection?). Now it was time to question my internal world and the beliefs I was running on automatic (I have quite a few more now that I think about it!).

Next we chose a few phrases to do with self worth that we would have to offer to my subconcious (Loreal's: 'Because I am worth it' was in there!) as part of the reprogramming process.

We presented about 5 phrases to my subconscious, muscle testing each one, and the phrase my subconcious finally settled on was 'I am worthy in everything I do'. I did not judge the English of it - my subconsious liked it.

We installed this phrase and thereby undid the hook belief that was not mine and that had gathered so much baggage over the years.

We then asked my subconscious whether I had any other belief blockages. I had one more. This pertained to happiness and contentment. Obvious really - how could I feel happy and content if I did not feel worthy!

We unblocked this one and that was that! It all took an hour and a half. There was also no homework of positive affirmations etc to do this time either - great!

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when I left her office because of the speed of the process but as I look back at this last week, I see that 'I am worthy in everthing I do' is fully installed!

I sat down took my first lunch hour in front of my maid/domestic worker! Before, I would have felt like I was undeserving of this and had to remain productive even while eating. I would gulp a few mouthfuls while continuing with some task. I also went and watched the sunset while our au pair was bathing the kids. Previously, I would have either never have done this or I would have felt so guilty while doing it However, I did not feel guilt - I just felt worthy!

The burning sensation in my breast has stopped. I started the oxygen, vitamin and mineral drips around this time so those could have had an effect as well. Either way, I am feeling better and I am enojying the interal progress I am making.

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