Monday, February 23, 2009


Dear Carol and Garith

I am very grateful to have the 'Ca & Ga' team working on my body though this process.

This operation is the funeral for the body part that has brought me so many lessons & learnings.

The theatre is the mortuary for this dead part that needs to be removed so I can go and start the next phase of my life.

I have taken the pre-op sleeping pill as I have no need to see the innards of the theatre this time - I saw it before my sentinel lymph node removal op. I also trust both of you completly now so don't need to look you in the eye before this surgery.

I am also not in a hurry to wake from this op as I have a better understanding of the post-op pain and discomfort now!

I so appreciate your consideration for my medicine & healing beliefs, and for your genuine concern for me.

Thank you for doing this work which allows people to go on living with a better quality of life.

This surgery is the start of my wonderful, exciting new life: cancer-free & with so many learnings to share.


PS. Please can you take as many photos as possible during the op for the people reading/who will read my blog.

I would like people who are about to / are going through this process to see what happens behind the scenes so there is less fear of the unknown, and more trust ad hope.

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