Sunday, February 22, 2009


I received this kind note from the Alex, the man who was brave enough to stand up and run the project of foot patrol officers in our road. This project is largely responsible for stopping crime in our area.

Well done Alex. We so appreciate your hard, courageous work!

Dear Northcliff Neighbour

As I write this e-mail Heidi van Loggerenberg from 18 Lily Avenue is getting prepped for surgery. I only found out yesterday that she was diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ, stage 0) breast cancer last year. It was her courage and initiative to arrange the first residents meeting back in October 2007 that got us off our backsides in Lily avenue and motivated us to do something about the crime in Northcliff. Please spare her a thought today as she is indirectly responsible for the Foot Patrol Officer in your street and the rest of the initiative that helps to keep your neighbourhood safe.

If you want to follow her progress visit From her blog it is evident that she is tackling cancer with the same courage and guts that we have come to know her for.

Heidi, Glen and the girls you will be in our thoughts and we all wish you a speedy recovery and the 80 years you want to still spend on this planet.

Keep safe

Alex Greyling
Tel (W) 011 888 8778
Cell 082 600 7688

Isikhova exclusive community-based street and private guarding
"Without us you could be missing a lot!"

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