Saturday, February 28, 2009


Day 6 in hospital/Saturday morning and all I wanted to do was go home but I had to wait for Gareth, my plastic surgeon, to discharge me. He said he would come mid morning. I just wanted to get home and restore normality.

After seeing the hours he worked (he would sometimes still be in theatre at 10pm!) the least I could do was be patient while he had a lie-in.

I heard Gareth's voice in the next ward! After 6 days in hospital, I had began to relate to one of Pavolov's dogs - getting excited everytime I heard my plastic surgeon's voice as this meant new information or a step closer to being told I could go home.

My family came to collect me. My sister, Kirsten, had come up from Durban to help look after our children while I was in hospital. Thanks Tink! We are so grateful!

Kirsten had baked some cupcakes with Grace and Lily (a rare event in our house!) but Kirsten had made the kids wait until they came to collect me before the were allowed to eat them. So I was greeted by my kids stuffing sugar cakes into their mouths! But nothing could eclipse seeing my family and knowing that I was going home shortly.

Once home, I couldn't wait to get into got our bed. I felt quite weak, light headed, and emotional. I also felt toxic, acidic and had a severe toxic headache from the 4 anesthetics, all the allopathic medication, and the hospital food. I needed a long bath, to wash my hair, and a good cry!

I was craving my mostly raw diet so I asked my brother Marcus to please make me a green smoothie (40% any edible green leaves + 60% sweetish fruit -> into the blender -> serve!). Instead Marcus put leaves, nuts, and no fruit = disgusting! But I was grateful for your effort, Marcus!

Marcus went back down to the kitchen and tried again. This time, he juiced the vegetables and the drink was delicious!

My dad arrived and brought me some gifts: pressure socks and some camphor cream. He was kind enough to rub feet each time he visited for which I was very grateful!

Then it was time to cut off the pressure bra (which I had already half cut in hospital because it was so tight!)

Cutting off hospital tags and checking my addict archetype into rehab!

Feeling so weak and nauseous! Better for eating. Just a really toxic day.

I finally fell asleep around 9pm and woke around 11pm after having a dream that I felt awake in. I have not had such a vivid dream in so long. It involved a gun, shooting 2 robbers (which were probably my surgeons! No malice intended to both of you!) etc.

I had to wake Glenn and ask him to keep an eye on me. He agreed but I could hear he was not even awake enough to know what I was saying!

Sunday morning came and I was one day further away from Saturday and the whole previous week in hospital.

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