Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(My mom was my videographer for video at end of this entry. I wanted the removal of the drains filmed but she pressed pause for that and filmed all the in between the floor, ceiling, her body etc so I can't use the footage! But you get to see inside the dressings room at least.)

I saw Dr Gareth Edwards (plastic surgeon) today to check my dressings and the breast wound drain.

Gareth said my drain could be removed as it had drained <25>ml in two days. Yeah! I can move freely again!!

Most of the nerves in my breast area have been cut so removing the drains was not sore - I could just feel a tugging sensation as they came out.

My breast wounds feel numb, almost like my C section scar did immediately after the op.

I am still a little sore but it is more of a stiff feeling with limited arm movement and not a post-surgery raw wound feeling.

I did not need to take any parcetomol for pain today.

I then went to see Dr Carol Benn to get the lab results of my breast tissue analysis.

The histology (body cells under a microscope) report showed:


  • Mild fibroadenosis


  • Grade III infiltrating duct carcinoma, 3.6mm in maximal diameter in upper medial quadrant
  • Extensive widespread high-grade duct carcinoma in-situ and lobular cancerisation involving both upper medial and lateral quadrants
  • Lymphovascular invasion identified
  • Infiltrating tumour 3mm from closest superficial medial margin
  • DCIS present with 1mm of deep and superficial medial and lateral resection margins

Although Carol removed all the cancer, non-invasive and invasive, I thought surgery was the end of my treatment road.

The fact that the spot of invasive cancer had infiltrated blood and lymph vessels, even though a second axilla lymph node Carol removed last week was negative, means I may still need some form of treatment.

Yesterday, Carol told me I may need some form of chemotherapy which I was quite shocked to hear as I have made it clear that I wanted to avoid chemo and radiation if possible. I was hoping a double mastectomy would negate chemo.

The lab results shows the DCIS tissue to be estrogen positive (meaning estrogen stimulates the growth of the cancer cells).

The test results for progesterone sensitivity and Her2 are ambivilent. These tests need to be redone and the results will only follow within the next 10 days.

Hormone-senstivity means I may need horomone blockers like Tamoxifen. Lymph and vascular infiltration means I may need chemotherapy. If Her2 is positive, I may need Herceptin. I am praying the invasive tissue is Her2 negative.

Although I was told by Carol that she could not comment on the next step of treatment until she had all the results from the breast tissue analysis (understandably), I wish I had been told last week of the potential routes the results of the breast tissue analysis could involve. (If you are about to go thru this, ask your surgeons!)

I feel like I am on the next down of the roller coaster as I wait to hear results of these tests.

The goal posts have been moved again and I am working on getting back on track with my goal of life.

My next move is to book appointments at the neuro linguistic programmer (Jimmy) to reset my goals, Dr Craige Golding to get results of my body's metabolic tests related to breast cancer and plot a way forward naturally, as well as visit the oncologist Carol works closely with.

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