Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On leaving the hospital, it was recommended that I eat plain yogurt while taking the post-surgery antibiotic, Dalacin.

Although we don't usually have diary in the house, I ate plain organic yogurt twice a day for one week. We made the most delicious mango lassi's (fresh mango pulp + plain yogurt -> blend til smooth) every day. The kids and I now have yogurt sickness (runny noses and chesty coughs)!

I felt very fluey and achy yesterday. My axilla (under arm) and groin lymph nodes are the size of marbles. Although it is not nice being sick, at least my body can still razzle an immune response!

Sometimes, the immune systems of people who have cancer are so weak, they can not even respond to a common cold. Any normal response of the immune system when suffering from cancer is a good sign.

I made myself get out of bed early-ish this morning and walk around the block. I knew I would feel better after doing this - which I did.

Just the action of pumping oxgygen and nutrients to all one's body cells, and the removal of wastes, is so healing in itself.

Although I was in quite a negative, moany state of mind, I repeated positive phrases to myself:
  • This is the best day ever!
  • This is the best moment ever!
  • Well done for just getting out of bed and walking around the block!
  • I am feeling better and better with each step!
Even when I don't feel that this really is 'The the best moment ever!', I would rather repeat the above/similar phrases than negative phrases that could harm my immune system and body cells.

By the time I got home, I was feeling slightly better and felt I had turned the corner towards getting better.

Now I just have to sit out the releasing of the mucous and aches as my body heals from yogurt sickness!!

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