Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have not written on my blog for a while now because I have not felt like doing it. Each time I think I should write, I feel irritated, so I have just not.

I am feeling very introspective and like something inside me is awakening. I need to block all outside chatter to listen very carefully. The whole of last year I ignored the little voice inside me that said: 'Be still, I need to tell you something'.

When something potentially life threatening is chasing you with a big stick, you sit down and listen!! Now I am doing exactly what my intuition tells me to.

So if I have not called you or made a plan to see you, please excuse me. I am not sure when next I will feel like seeing anyone.

I am seeing Patricia, the 'Soul Dr', once or twice a week. She is a sounding board for my own intuition and is helping me to trust what I am sensing. I am feeling very grounded, energised, and happy.

Patricia warned that I must not think I can just go back to the way was living just yet as I may become exhausted again (I don't think I will ever as I can see what exhaustion can result in).

I don't have any extra energy for anyone or anything. I feel irritated by the thought of seeing or doing anything so I am going to listen to this (Feels very strange I must add!!). I need all the energy I can muster to heal.

I do the body awareness technique every second day and I am slowly integrating energy held in my past back into present time. This process seems very slow indeed but I am getting better at it with each attempt.

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