Friday, February 6, 2009


I went to see Dr Pricilla Rowan this week (Nutritherapy, + 27 11 452 4703, Edenvale).

Dr Rowan is a medical doctor who practices complimentry medicine.

She works on correcting imbalances and unhealthy changes in the blood with large doses of vitamins and minerals, oxygen therapy, homeopathic medicines, tissue cleansing, medicinal herbs, and diet. Most of her medicines are administered intravenously.

Dr Rowan uses live blood analysis to determine the status of the blood. She pricks your finger, squeezes some blood out on to a glass slide and put it under a dark field microscope.

This microscope shines a light onto the blood from the top making it easy to see the constituents of the blood against the black background.

My blood showed changes towards fermentation and fungal (not Candida) growth. This means that due to the raised acidity of my blood, certain cells which are pre-cells (which can develop into anything really: fungi, bacteria, or viruses etc) are starting to display fungal characteristics.

I am decomposing from the inside! I know about this condition and, although it is very mild, was shocked to see those changes in my own blood!

An interesting note here: I had my blood analyzed 3 times over the 2008 and I was never told this. Either the people doing the analysis did not have enough experience or these changes are new. I have also eaten more cooked food recently. Last year I ate a vegan, mostly raw diet.

From the pics you can see my red blood cells are in stacks. This is called Rolation and can make you feel tired as there is less surface area for oxygen to bind. Exercise and an increase in dietary minerals helps to separate the cells. Digestive enzymes also helped this last year.

My blood needs to become more alkaline and more oxygenated. Dr Otto Warburg won 2 Noble prizes around 1945 for proving that cancer thrives in an acidic, anaerobic (lack of oxygen) environment.

Dr Rowan prescribed the following treatment:

Drips containing:

ο Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 3%) - this splits into oxygen and water in the blood. The oxygen changes the blood from anaerobic to aerobic speeding healing and making hard for the cancer to survive.
ο Soda bicarbonate - this helps to alkalizes the blood.
ο Magnesium sulphate
ο Manganese sulphate
ο Zinc sulphate
ο Selenium
ο B6
ο B12
ο Sodium chlorite

Vitamin C powder (6g per day) and l-lysine
Dr Vogel's alkalising powder

Dr Rowan said I should be able to see a change in my blood after 4 drips. I asked how many we could fit in before surgery and we agreed I could have 1 drip every second day.

I am still holding out something will work before then but I am not moving the date.

I drove to her rooms for 2 drips and will carry on at home as her rooms are quite far from me. I called a home nursing service to do today's drip.

A nursing sister arrived and after 4 attempts to get the needle in (and I HATE needles) she said her colleague would come back later.

I could not find my Rescue Remedy as we have just moved and everything is still in boxes but I found some wine (not on the cancer diet, I know) in the fridge! After 3 big gulps, I felt less shaky.

Cynette, her colleague, got the needle in first time and I had my third drip. This lady has worked in a few cancer wards and eats lots of raw food! We had lots to talk about. I will make her a green smoothie when she next comes!

After listening to my whole experience and exploration since my diagnosis, she said I have to tell other people about what I have done.

But only a biopsy will show if there have been any cellular tissue changes (this is booked for Monday next week!).

(The last pic is a bit blurred but just wanted to show that we used the clothes steamer as a drip holder!)