Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wow! Seems like forever since I have done an entry. Last year was so intense and busy with surgeries, me exploring many different treatment options and self exploration. I am glad it is behind me and I feel like I am opening a new chapter this year.

On my list of thing to do for this year:

1. Genetic snip testing: This is not to determine whether or not I have the BRCA 1 or 2 gene (there is only a slim chance of having it as no one in my family has had breast cancer or even cancer) but rather to see how the environment affects my genetic make up. I will use this info to put together a going-forward program to ensure my best chance of a disease-free life. I believe everyone should have this done, and as parents, we should do this for our kids so we know how to best give them the chance of a disease-free life. (Cost around R3000 on this date for a panel of about 25 snips).

2. Food allergy testing:
This will determine what foods weaken my immune system so I can avoid them. Allergies can be inherited or can develop for many other reasons some of which include just over-eating a certain food. I will use a German lab for these tests.

3. Diet:
I am focused on eating lots of raw food and greens. Our garden is wildly producing organic everything - more than we can get through. I am dehydrating some of it and trying to get through the rest. I am buying raw recipe ebooks and experimenting - my family is being very tolerant! I am still busy working towards my goal of teaching a raw food class but finding time in the mix of kids and completing a renovation is proving trying.

My husband and I recently went to London and Berlin - he went for a digital music festival, me a raw and health food adventure! I gave up gluten over night in 2.2009 and have felt much better. I wanted to see whether it was possible to eat no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no soya while traveling. I found the most amazing food at most places - sometimes we would to walk an extra 5 kms (:)) in the snow to get to a a place that sold healthy food but it was possible! The highlight of my trip was eating 2 raw gourment restaurants, in particular SAF in London. My wonderful husband surprised me with a meal there and invited his friends (who would have normally eaten at a grill house). They all enjoyed their meal very much and said they would do it again. I will load some pics of our trip to this entry over the next few days when I have more time.

In Berlin, I found an appartment online next door to raw food chef called Boris. This was just amazing! Every morning I would get something raw and very delicious. We also had a 3 course lunch in his apartment which was exceptional! pics to follow. (

4. Candida:
In February last year, my iridologist said I had candida and that he could see it in my right breast (the one that was affected by the breast cancer). He said I needed to go on the candida diet for one year - this diet allows no sugars, not even a homeopathic granule! I have struggle to do this for one year now - I love fruit and we have the most amazing fruit in South Africa and there is always fruit in our house and I always have to taste test something I have made for my kids etc! Lots of excuses, I know. I will be working on a candida-free life goal with my NLP teacher next week.

5. Supplements:
I am always trying to refine the supplement regime that someone pre, during, and post-breast cancer has to take. I am always striving for the most natural source of supplements (ie. a plant source), for supplements that don't increase the body's acidity as cancer thrives in an acidic, anaerobic environment, and for the least amount of tablets per day (I was taking 40 tabs twice a day at once point last year).

6. Liver test:
Last year, I did a very new test to see how much liver was functioning. It is not a blood test but rather a 24 hour urine and saliva test. The test looks at how your liver's 2 detox pathways are breaking down and eliminating toxins and metabolic by&end-products. This test interested me because if estrogen is not eliminated effectively from the body, it recirculates and can stimulate estrogen sensitive tissue again. My breast cancer was estrogen stimulated and I chose not to take Tamoxifen so eliminating excess estrogen is something I need to focus on (like every woman should).

The test results showed I had an over active first pathway and an under active second pathway so there was a build up of very toxin substances in my liver. A computer then determined what amounts of which supplements my liver needed to start working properly again. Within 3 days after starting the supplement powder, the pimples on my face disappeared and my skin got a wonderful glow so I knew it was working. I will go back this month to retake the test (been 4 months since I did test) as I want to see how my liver report has changed.

7. More self exploration!:
This year I want to set goals about living my best life possible. I have never been very good with setting goals and sticking to them so I am very open to learning how to do this. I will work my NLP teacher on this.

After struggling with mother issues (Am I a good mother? issues), I am embracing my motherhood more and more each day, with some days still one step forward and 2 back. I was read a lovely story called 'ish'. I am now practicing being a 'good-ish' mother and it gives my perfectionistic nature a day off.

8. Energy:
I still see an energy healer every 2 weeks and still derive benefit from her.

I wish everyone who read this their best year ever (love that cliche!).

Please seriously think about doing the following:
  • a breast ultrasound
  • blood hormone level tests by an anti-aging doctor
  • eating more live, raw organic food in your day
  • genetic snip testing
  • food allergy testing
  • detoxing your life to reduce the toxic your body has to deal with- household, cosmetic, food, etc products. Every bit helps!
  • thinking happy, loving, kind, grateful thoughts.
I will leave you with a last thought that has got me recently:
What is the most generous thing you can do for yourself and for someone else today?

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