Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Metabolic Liver Test

I am doing a voluntary repeat of the metabolic liver test I did over 6 months ago. The test shows how the liver is breaking down & excreting toxins. The data is then analyzed & a supplement formula, which facilitates detoxification in the liver, is then prescribed. Test is done over 24hrs: caffeine tab@8am (hell!), 2xsaliva tests in day, 2xaspirin+2xpanado's at 9pm, & urine collected thru night. Blood tests done the following morning.

Test results show how well the liver is excreting carcinogenic oxidants, as well as hormones that have done their job and that should be excreted instead of being recirculated just because the liver is unable to excrete them.

Ensuring my liver is working optimally is one of the things I decided to do to avoid taking Tamoxifen.

Everyone should do this test!

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