Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Even before my breast cancer diagnosis, I was beginning to move away from cosmetic products containing toxic chemicals. This was not easy in South Africa at the time as there were not a lot to choose from. I tried almost all the natural products on the market but was only impressed by a few.

3 years later, I have pieced together good products from various product ranges. Some of these products are still not on a par with the toxic version but at least they are not toxic! Some products, I import from the UK. I have still not found a foundation like Dior's Totale Capture but for everyday use, the natural version is fine.

I was sent this link from 'The Story Of Stuff' lady, Annie Leonard. It shows, very simply (so even my daughters can understand it) how and why toxic ingredients are in toxic cosmetics (it even states my point about Estee Lauder!): 

I my 20's I worked part time at an Estee Lauder counter in a busy glam retail store. I would get to work early and smear products from all the cosmetic houses all over my body. It was wonderful at the time as all the products smelled so nice and 'did so many amazing things' - like possibly cause cancer.

Estee Lauder is one of the biggest sponsors of breast cancer prevention worldwide. When I went to the local breast cancer meetings, there were always Estee Lauder free gifts for everyone or a hamper to be won. The support group didn't care - they were receiving sponsorship and great gifts.

Us humans are strange creatures!

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