Friday, June 11, 2010


I have just received my results for food allergy blood tests done a week ago. I did these tests to see if I was allergic to any foods as a food allergy could weaken my immune system and play a part in a predisposition to the breast cancer returning, along with other illness.

Company I used:

PG Dip in Human Nutrition
Wellness Division
Molecular Diagnostic Services (Pty) Ltd
Tel: +27 31 267 7000
Fax: + 27 31 267 7005
Contact person: Tammy Parsons
R2000 for full food panel

My results show:

Most allergic to:
Poppy seeds

Moderately allergic to:
Cashew nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Eggs from chicken

Mildly allergic to:
Pistachio nuts
Sunflower seeds

Nutritionist advise only tiny amounts of:

Great, so now I know - no more of these nuts and seeds! I have not been enjoying nuts for some time now as they cause much wind and bloating so that's easy. Dr Gerson, from the famous natural cancer healing centre in USA, noted that people prone to cancer can't tolerate fat of any kind except flax seeds/oil - I am glad I can still have flax as it is very beneficial to keeping my estrogen levels low (I eat about 2 tablespoons of seeds per day).

When eating a largely raw vegan diet, it is very easy to eat too much fat (nuts, seeds, and their oils), even though the fats are all healthy. Fats should form about 10-20% of daily diet intake. This is not a lot - about 1/2 avocado per day. If I are going to eat other fat sources, it must come out of this portion!

I am also making an effort to increase my protein intake as my blood albumin levels are low - I am eating green leaves, green protein powders, and raw sprouted brown rice protein powder (

The other result the test noted is the need for more food rotation. I will focus on this from now on. I can eat the same foods for 5 days and then I must eat different foods for the next 5 days and so on. Good advice for us all.

Time to focus on fresh veggies and edible leaves more!

Bottom line for everyone is: know the status of your body now. There are so many tests you can have done these days before you get sick - don't wait - prevention is still better than cure!