Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have been seeing an energy healer called Patricia, the soul Dr. She is intuitive and helps balance my chakras.

Patricia says things to me she was told to say by the ‘universe’– here are a few:
  • All is well / I am going to be ok!
  • Have not fear!
  • I need to share what I know with others to help them.
  • Everything that has happened to date is just as it needed to be.
  • Follow my first intuitive hit – the first feeling I have , I must follow, even if my mind can not figure it out.
  • Cancel any arrangements I feel obliged to do but on the day do not have the enegry for.
  • Conserve my energy otherwise I will not heal.
When I first saw Patricia, she could read off me that I was exhausted. She suggested meditation but then corrected herself after the ‘universe’ said ‘body awareness’ would be better.

Patricia said I was to do the excerice every second day as I did not have enough energy to do it ever day. I was to sit in a chair, with my hands on my lap, palms facing my thighs, feet firmly on the ground, back away from the back of the chair. Awake, alert, and alive!

I did the first exercise with Patricia . I had to focus on where I was holding stress – this was in my chest area. I was breathless so not breathing deeply. I took a few deep breaths and only focused on the breathlessness.

Patricia said this feeling could intensify or it could move or just go away. This process could take 3 minutes or an hour. I was to make time and space in my house for this process where no one would interrupt me and where I could feel any emotion that may come up.

Next, my awareness moved, involuntarily, into my throat. I had had a burning sore throat for the last week and was hopeful that this would help solve it!

But just as I thought my awareness may move beyond my throat, it moved back down into my chest – as though is had been suppressed. Then back to my throat. This up/down motion continued quite quickly until I hoped my eyes. Patricia, who at me quite nervously! ‘I FEEL ANGRY!!!’ I said.

I felt so angry I could’ve screamed/sworn/smashed things! As soon as I gave the emotion permission to come out of my body it subsided and I knew the process was over for the day. My sore throat went away later that day.

I have kept my word to myself and done this technique every 2nd day. Some days I just follow mild aches or feelings around my body and the process is pretty uneventful. Other days, the process pushes lumps out of my throat or makes me cry.

I had done this process (technique was different thought) with Dr Lecore a while back and now I was doing for myself. I feel very empowered and in charge of my own health by doing this process.

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