Monday, August 4, 2014

After 4 yrs, I've managed to log into Blogger. I had forgotten my password + the process of retrieval was not easy + one can't contact Blogger/Google + life happened.
  1. I'm still alive. Some people have emailed me to ask. 
  2. I'm very well. 
  3. My BFF since we were 8yrs old, Margie, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 yrs after me and we teamed up to form 'JoinCircles' - a brand that aims to encourage the discussion around the prevention (not just screening) of lifestyle-induced, hormonally-drived cancers like breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers. 

For more info, pls join circles on Facebook and Twitter: JoinCircles.

Look out for our website which will be launched in October: +

The first JoinCircles WORKSHOP will be held on 12.10.2014


  • We will share our stories about how we think own cancers developedwhat we are doing to prevent a recurrence, and what you can do to hopefully prevent a similar cancer.
  • Dr Heidi van Loggerenberg (M.Tech Hom) will introduce the principles of Functional Medicine and the 5 forces of illness. Heidi will summarize the most useful information she found on her journey related to the prevention of hormonally-driven, lifestyle-induced cancers.  
  • Peta Cohen (M.S, R.D) from USA will explain the Biochemistry of Estrogen Detoxification (the easy version;) which will help you tailor your lab testing, supplement and lifestyle prevention regime.
  • Helen de Beer (R.D) will talk about a genetic estrogen detoxification panel which we can all now have tested from 18 yrs.

2.  LUNCH:

colourful, estrogen detoxifying lunch  (vegan, gluten & diary free) and green juice (folate-rich to support healthy estrogen methylation) by Ansel from 
CafeZing in the garden.


We've invited some of our favourite brands that support a non-toxic, cancer prevention lifestyle including a genetic testing company, labs that do Functional Medicine testing, nutrigenomic supplements Metagenics and Xymogen, a fertility and contraception option that doesn’t involve the Pill, clean body and household products, water filtration, healthy food, and of course raw chocolate because there must always be chocolate!